Marion's Musical Story

My Story

This is my musical history
Ever since i was little, i've been singing, dancing and acting
Over the years i have participated in a lot of different events,
and this is merely a summary of some of the stuff i have done!

I started out singing in a gospel choir in church when i was 5 years old
From there on i have been in musicals, tvshows, done cartoon voices, told fairytales on the radio, danced ballet, been a mannequin for childrens clothing and sung on many different records
The first real breakthrough for me was being able to make a record at the age of 11, and getting signed to a label in Norway
The record me and my friend Marit, made was a collaboration of old children songs with a new sound
The album was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy in 1997
After making the children song cd, i was growing up, and wanted to do something different
In a studio in Oslo, I started making demos of pop songs
In 1998, when i was 13, i wrote my first song, "Girl in your dreams"
Marit and i sang well together
She played the guitar, i the piano
We became M2M and got a record deal with Atlantic in N.Y
Our first single "Don't say you love me" came out in fall 1999, when i was 15 years old
Then followed our album "Shades of Purple" in 2000
At the age of 17, our second album is about to be released
The album is called "The Big Room" and i have written several songs on the album, some with Marit
I play the piano, and some guitar on it too
I am really proud of the work we put into it and we had sooo much fun making this album
First of all i'm a singer and a songwriter, and i love playing the piano
I love music and it's always been a part of my life
As a friend once said; "If music weren't a part of my life, I wouldn't be me. I would be a completely different person"