-It's starting to get freeeeeeeeeeeeeszing cold here and dark now here in Norway though..brr brrr
-can't believe it just snowed here!!!!!! hahaha It's soooo cold.
-hope everyone is good and thanks for sticking around! M.
-All I know is that music is suppose to be fun. It's something you should want with all your heart.. The only advice I can give you is "Believe in yourself!!". I think you should go for it, and I'm sure you'll be great at it!
-I've been sick this week, just spending time in bed..reading and watching tv! Not very exciting..haha
-You are the best! (talking about her fans :))
-Just remember to wash off all your make up before you go to bed!!! RULE #1!
-Yeah we were like 8 years old and sang at schools and kindergartens..haha (talking about Hubba Bubba)
-It's a lot of fun and Jonny Noxville is pretty hot!
-I'm such a big Harry Potter fan
-And Tigger is really cute
-my fav is N sync..I think..
- Thank you so much. I love those boots. First was just going to barrow them for the show, but I loved them so much I had to buy them..hehe The dress I was wearing was orignal a long skirt, that I pulled up and made it thinner in the waist part and made it look like a dress..hehe (talking about the boots she wore for Norwegian Grammys)