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UpdatesJune 19th 2004:
Well from what i've heard thanks to sites like Marion2u and M2M-Ultimate
Marion album looks to be really great! Max Martin co-wrote and produced the whole album with Marion, which he normally doesn't do!
Here's an article (translated by Marcus)
Marion Ravn is soon finished!

For a long time the former M2M star, Marion Ravn has been in the studio. She has written and produced songs for her upcoming solo album together with no other than Max Martin. He has never made an entire album with an artist, but only a couple of songs.

Marion Raven should feel honored by Max Martins commitment. The swedish paper "BON" thinks Marion will become the biggest popstar in Norway, of all time.
Soon we will get the answer!!!

So that sounds very good, i also added a few links you can see them at the WWW page :)

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