Since the day I was born music has been a part of my life
As soon as I could speak, I could sing
All I wanted to do was to dance and perform, I drove everybody around me crazy because of it, especially my family
I sang all the time. Anytime, anywhere
And even though I didn't know the lyrics to a song, I made up my own
When I was 5 years old I began singing in a gospel choir in our local church
At 7, I started singing with the St.Laurentsius choir
A choir that has a lot of history in Lorenskog
By the time I was 8, I began playing the piano and attending ballet shool
I performed a lot on stage with the ballet and I loved it

In 1993, 9 years old, I acted in the musical "Sound of music" on the Norwegian Broadway
I recorded a childrens musical "Vettene Vinner" (Vettene wins)on cd with
"Vettene". We were a group of kids acting, singing and dancing
(Vettene means "small trolls")
I was also a part of a following cd "Vettene pa gamlespor" (Vettene on old tracks)

At 10, I acted in "Bugsy Malone" and at 11, in "The Wizard of Oz", also played on the Norwegian Broadway
In 1995 my dad arranged for me to make a demo in a studio in Oslo
I asked my best friend Marit if she wanted to join me
We ended up getting a record deal wiht EMI Norway, and in 1996 our cd "Marit og Marion synger kjente barnesanger"(M&M sings famous children songs)
was out in the stores
We were nominated for the Norwegian Grammys, Spellemannsprisen, in 1997

After making the children cd, I had a part as one of the children in "Othello"
on the Norwegian Opera

In 1998 I was 13 years old. That's when we started recording
popdemos in english. I wrote "Girl in your dreams" that spring
(because of a stupid guy that dumped me!)
And when summer came, we had a record deal with Atlantic Record
A huge step for me in life! I travelled around for a whole
year with Marit, writing songs with tons of songwriters
And the result was "Shades of Purple"

Our debut single "Don't say you love me" was out in fall 1999,
and the album in the following year. After that it's been promotion,
tv shows and concerts all over the world

All of 2001 we have been working on M2M's new album
It's called "The Big Room", because that is where we recorded it
It was so much fun making it. We worked with a few,
but great musicians, producers and engineers
They all made it possible for us to make such a great record
that we are really proud of

I hope all of you fans out there like it too!