Marion Raven Fact Sheet:
Full Name: Marion Elise Ravn
Born: 25th of May 1984
Birthplace: SIA, Lorenskog, Norway
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Brown
Height: 172cm/5'7"
Family: Mother, father, big brother and two younger sisters
Pet: Black Persian cat called Askepott (Cinderella in english)
Most prized possesion: Grand piano

Marion's Favorites:
Favorite things to do: Be with friends, shop, watch movies, write songs, play piano, be with her family, work out and party
Favorite instruments: Piano and drums
Favorite bands: Travis, Counting Crows, Hanson, The Beatles, Coldplay, Vertical Horizon
Favorite singers: Jennifer Brown, Cat Stevens, Celine Dion, David Gray
Favorite tv-show: Friends, Ally McBeal, King of Queens, Sex and the City, Simpsons
Favorite movie: "Now and Then" and "Almost Famous"
Favorite actor: Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnett
Favorite actrice: Angelina Jolie, Christina Ricci
Favorite internet sites:,
Favorite season: Winter, Christmas!
Favorite color: Purple and dark red
Favorite clothing brand: Diesel, Only and Miss Sixty
Favorite flower: Roses
Favorite obsession: Cow spots
Favorite workout: Aerobics and free weights