Here's a list of all the singles and cd's m2m and marion raven released through out the years:

M2M CD's:
Marit og Marion synger kjente barnesanger (1996)
Shades of Purple (2000)
Shades of Purple (Special Asian Interview edition)(2000)
Shades of Purple (Australian edit) (2000)
Shades of Purple Video and Karaoke Collection (2001)
The Big Room (Asian remix) (2001)
The Big Room (2002)
The Big Room (Australian edit) (2002
The Big Room (Chile edit) (2002)

M2M Singles:
3 sma fisk/Alle fugler
Don't say you love me (featured on the Pokemon soundtrack)
Mirror Mirror
Everything you do
Everything you do (Spanish)
Pretty Boy
The day you went away
Girl in your dreams
What you do about me
Don't (radio single)

Marion Raven CD's:

Marion Raven singles:

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