Marion as sexy bride
The singer, songwriter and artist Marion Ravn is a versatile
young lady. Currently she is making her debut as a model in the
magazine "Ditt Bryllup" (Your Wedding).

With a series of hot photographs, she poses in skirts suited
more for the untraditional bride.

Marion Ravn and Marit Larsen had a few commissions for
different trademark producers, like Swatch and an Asian
cosmetic giant, while the two girls from LÝrenskog made up M2M.
Later the M2M girls made a lucrative deal with the American
Procter & Gamble, one of the leading hair- and skin product
producers in the world.

Hair Million

Ravn was also last year offered 1.4 million NOK to be the
front at the launch of a new hair product from Pantene Pro-V
in Norway, that would coincide with the international release
of her first solo album.
The campaign was dumped because Ravn didn't have possibility
to take on any long-term obigations besides the one as an artist.

A quick September trip to village, Rimini on the coast-line of
the Adriater sea in Italy, however there was enough time for the
photographer from Trondheim, Lasse Berre who previously was
married to Mona Grudt, the editor of Ditt Bryllup magazine.

-This is the first time Marion Ravn is modelling in an
environment which has nothing to do with music Berre the
photographer informs, who considers the young singer a natural.

Unfamiliar setting

He doesn't want to reveal what the magazine paid.
-But what I can reveal is that the setting probably was a very
unfamiliar one. She couldn't pick out the outfits herself.
The pictures does not reflect her identity, but she is very
professional, so it went well, establishes Berre.

-What about the Italian men, were they delighted as well?

-Marion is a beautiful girl. She probably got some attention,
which is quite obvious, Lasse Berre tells us about the
photo-session which is now in "Ditt Bryllup", the magazine only
comes out one time a year with around 400 pages and is about to
become a bible for marriage lusting norwegians.

And Marion herself? No, she is not getting married. She'll depute
as a solo artist this spring with a Max Martin-produced album.

Written by: Espen A Hansen

Translated by: Marcus Fredriksson